April 21st, 2010

Ohno n Sho

Sakurai Sho interesting facts

Compiled a little more. *More facts will be added as time passes.

  1. since primary school he'd always love to listen to R&B and Hip Hop, but when he realized that listening and creating rap is a totally different story, he said that being able to create a rap in Japanese is something quite difficult (JUNON Magazine: Jan 2000 issue)
  2. he is recognized as one of the most H in Arashi by the members (Person Magazine: Dec 2002 issue)
  3. he went straight to shower after concert since he had to leave earlier, but the members insisted on waiting for him to open the champagne, he didn't know it and left right after showering (Wink Up Magazine: Dec 2007 issue)
  4. he was supposed to join in a written conversation initially started by Ohmiya on the music stand in the recording studio. The messages went on like this>> Ohno: "Nino, how much do you like me?" Nino: "I like you a lot a lot" Ohno: "So what about Sho-kyun?" ...but Sho didn't reply, and called them both culprits for converting the music stand into Arashi message board. (Zoom In Saturday: 23rd May 2009)
(in total: 41+27+35 facts)

ps: also updated and added more facts to Ohno Satoshi interesting facts this morning