April 24th, 2010

Ohno n Sho

Ninomiya Kazunari Interesting Facts

  1. unlike Ohno, whenever he talks about his mom he’d be making fun of her
  2. his five favourite hobbies are music, song writing, self-taught guitar-playing, and watching/playing baseball, of course his games, okay maybe magic now
  3. he can play the piano as well
  4. just like Jun and Ohno, he has an older sister
  5. he got a knitted cap from Sho who gave it to him as Vancouver souvenir
  6. Clint Eastwood’s comment on him “he’s a great actor. Cause you see, I don’t know what he’s talking about and he doesn’t know what I’m talking about” (but yet he could still portray the character)
(100 facts of Ninomiya Kazunari)

Ohno n Sho

[An An] Ohno Satoshi’s part

G· David’s Bloodtype x Horoscope fortune telling / Okada Junichi, Ohno Satoshi
An·An: Based on bloodtype, love can be determined!

Compatibility test, with the best tricks.

Bloodtype A representative: Ohno Satoshi interview!

Satoshi Ohno: about his bloodtype, about his life, about he himself...

Now, the group which is stirring up a big storm, Arashi’s leader Ohno Satoshi-san is featured! Based on his bloodtype, from his relationship with the members, “my recent self” analysis, up to the thoughts of those things he is engrossed in… From Ohno Satoshi who speaks warmly yet with a calm expression, this is something not to be missed!

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