April 30th, 2010

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Translations of old Utaban episodes

Hey there,

I've finished translating two old Utaban episodes.

Utaban 2001.04.19 -- where Arashi ask Taka-san & Nakai questions. Watch Nakai tease Ohno (without getting a retaliation *gasp*) and Aiba attempt a reverse parking.

Utaban 2001.08.16 -- where Arashi are dressed in yukata, ready for the summer and summer festivals. They try a shooting game with Ishibashi and Nakai, before Nakai gets shot in the head. (Note: raw gets cut off towards the end, so the translation script stops at the same point.)

Enjoy. ♥

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Ohno n Sho

[TV LIFE blog] Kaibutsu-kun’s Miraculous 29-yrs-old (Part 1 & 2)

denise-dinc.jugem.jp/Part 1: Being so cute at such an age, who could nail it better than Ohno-kun?!

source: TV LIFE journalist blog as reported by [info]yamakaze067

TV LIFE 10号 (5/14号) は4月28日(水)に発売になります。
TV LIFE issue #10 (May 14th issue) will start selling on the 28th of April (Wednesday).

The title is “Kaibutsu-kun’s Miraculous 29-yrs-old Extravagant Report”.

On the cover, it’s none other than Arashi’s Ohno Satoshi.

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Part 2: Ohno’s precious wink

source: TV LIFE journalist blog, a follow up on Miraculous 29-yrs-old

What’s up about writing myself? I’m totally obsessed with the words “miraculous 29-yrs-old”.

If there were ever an uchiwa with such writings, I think I’d be the first to buy it.

それはともかくとして、4月28日(水)に発売されるTV LIFE 10号(5/14号)の、大野くん撮影裏話を少々。
Putting that aside, let me talk a little bit of the inside story regarding Ohno-kun, who is featured in TV LIFE #10 (May 15th issue) which will be sold starting from 28th April (Wednesday).

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