July 25th, 2010

  • pammii

(no subject)

hello just 2 quick questions:

1) for Arashi concert the one in Aug in Kokuritsu,are the tickets out to buy for a non FC member??? if there is it would be very nice if u can give me a link. for the seating part i know that i probably wont get a good seat but a seat where i can still see them is good,if u know anyone or any website with good tickets selling at a reasonable price then please tell me. also i heard that theres a place called gorakudoh where i can get the tickets for their concert. do u think its possible to get it at this place?? any resources u can give me is appreciated.

2) the second question is i want to buy there new Album but i dont want to go thru the trouble of shipping since i dun know where i will be at that time it comes. will i be able to successfully buy it in HMV??? or is ordering it the only way i can get it??? anything that might help is appreciated. Thanks very much =)