July 29th, 2010

Sho, Wish

ST Release: NatsuNiji Promos - Super News + Shiritagari

Hello Hello ^^

We're bringing you more promos of NatsuNiji~
A goodie to lure you in~

Don't tell me that none of you has this image of Junjun-chan in your heart/dreams~

Head on to our comm sora_takaku  to follow the JunJun cloud~ Or should I say rainbow?

And here, we'd like to extend a shout for help~ *being overly dramatic*
Our team is slowly but surely growing and we're at the stage where we'd like to welcome new members to our team!
Current position that are open are:
Translators (Japanese to English OR Chinese to English) 
We aim to grow together so anyone who wants to learn together with us, please do send in an application~
New translators/timers are welcome as we have more experienced members who are willing to guide ^^
Please send your applications to sora5takaku@gmail.com ^^
If you can't send it by email, please PM Puffy-chan (puffymoto).
We'll be waiting~ ^^

Fuji TV cannot break off from Johnny’s

news link from:  yamakaze067 
source: real live web

Fuji TV cannot break off from Johnny’s regardless how much they want to

“If the viewership continues to decline this way, in order to minimise the damage, we have to come up with countermeasures and make up an excuse to reduce the number of episodes or things alike. But with a Johnny’s in the starring role, and the Monday9 (Monday 9pm) being the network’s flagship drama we can’t just cut things short like that…” (Fuji TV source)

(now that they cannot turn to God for help there’s nothing else but “turn to Arashi”?)