August 14th, 2010

Ohno Hipster

The Arashidex Needs Help!

Greetings, Arashi fans!

We come to you from the Arashidex with a cry for help. As you may or may not have noticed, the website has run rather dry recently from lack of updates. Since both Co-Admins have been busy, we can't give the Dex the amount of attention we would like.

That being said, we're looking for helpers! We need reliable, eager Arashi-fans that are willing to donate a bit of their time in order to keep the dex updated and useful to all of those information-seekers out there.
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The Dex Crew
SHO - Blue

Arashi MS - movin' on + Troublemaker and Nama Arashi - Medley [subbed perf]

Hello it's been a while, that is why, i did this one... [Arashi] on Music Station - movin' on + Troublemaker [subbed] Airdate: 2010.08.13
and Nama Arashi - Hadashi no Mirai + Kotoba Yori mo Taisetsu na Mono (medley)

Download Music Station HERE and Nama Arashi Medley HERE at refrain_subs  will be locked after 24hrs.
please proceed here to join the comm, and we are really open for membership. Kochi da yo~!

please comment when taking.