August 17th, 2010

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FNS26hr TV x VS Arashi Promo & Nino's New drama! [subbed]

This is a promo on 3hr SP of VSArashi and how Shinzuke-san hate arashi because of @#%&!@~! plus a little history on Arashi on Fuji TV variety shows. Enjoy!

FNS26hr TV x VS Arashi Promo


Mezamashi TV - Nino's New Drama [Freeter Ie wo Kau]

get it at refrain_subs  and joining is absolutely easy!
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news is love


HI! I made some ringtones and want to share with the fandom ^^
(P/S mod: if there is any mistake according to my post or the tag, please correct me :)

link: MF
batch #1: total: 37 (Arashi: To Be Free & Monster, NEWS: Sakura Girl, Anata ga tonari ni iru dake de, SHARE, KATTUN: No More Pain & Love Yourself, BING BANG: Koe wo Kikasete, TOHOSHINKI: Doushite Kimi wo Suki ni Natte Shimattandarou, Toki wo Tomete & Lovin' You, YAMASHITA TOMOHISA: One in a Million, World is Yours, Loveless & Moonlight)
DL link

batch #2:
total 21 (Arashi: 1Everything, 2One Love, 2Shizuka na Yoru ni, 2A.RA.SHI, 1Cry for You, 4Gift, NEWS: 2Summer Time, 1Taiyou no Namida, 4Towairo no Koi, 3Weeeek, NISHIKIDO RYO: 2Ordinary)
DL link

enjoy ^^