August 26th, 2010

Sho, Wish

Music Lover [2010.08.22] Tr0ubL3Mak3R + End Talk HQ ~Karaoke+SubbeD~

Ahhaha so I couldn't stop making Karaoke vids of Arashi, at least everyone else gets more crack to download. XD
A stark contrast to the previous post/song, Tr0ubL3Mak3R is like Kitto Daijoubu Part 2 for me =3
I mean, what's the relation between the boys on paper boats, staring at moving pencils or twirling on a platform? Plus there's clips of them goofing off in an official PV. Like I said, Kitto Daijoubu Part 2!
Since this perf is full of crack, I made the words colorful and well, "bounce" a bit. PLUS, theres a crack-cap segment today~!

As always, a cap to lure you in~

Even though its Jun month, I can't help choosing Yama-pair

Fine, fine, here's a Jun gif to keep you satisfied til you see the real thing XD

Follow on the fake-cut to get it~! ^-^
( Leopard+guns+total CracK = Arashi-family?!!? )

SHO - Blue

[subbed] Captain TV - Kaibutsu-kun Promo + Bonus: 2 clips

Title: Captain TV - Kaibutsu-kun Promo
Airdate: 2010.06.11


BONUS 2 clips is here: !!
Title: SCP SP Arashi - Kaze no Mukou e and Beautiful Days Medley
Airdate: 2010.08.19


Title: Nama Arashi - Koigokoro Performance
Airdate: 2003.02.15

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