August 31st, 2010

arashi fashion

Arashi Fashion Database

Hey everyone, 

I would like to make some promotion for the "Arashi Fashion Database" homepage and LJ community on which I'm working right now.

The database is for all those people who are interested in the fashion the boys wear during TV appearances or magazine shoots, etc.

You can find pictures of the items, caps of the boys wearing those items, the price, brand and also internet shopping site links. (Unfortunately almost all are Japanese webpages).

There is also an overview of the fragrances the boys are using (according to different Japanese sources ^.~).

Also, feel free to leave me a message on the homepage or here if you have any suggestions, ideas, or if you are searching for a certain Arashi fashion item. ^.~

Now here are the links:

Homepage (this will always be updated first):

LJ community (for all those that rather like to see the posts directly in their friendslist. ^.~ items will be posted when the post on the Homepage is complete with picture and screencap):

Have fun!