September 1st, 2010

SHO - Blue

[subbed] Various Clips

ooppss.. it seems that i posted this late.. anyways... refrain_sub team is happy to give you various arashi misc. subbed clips

Title: Wii Party (11 in i) CMs


Title: Mezamashi TV - Ohoku Movie Promo
Airdate: 2010.07.30


Title: Music Station - MONSTER Performance (HDTV)
Airdate: 2010.05.28

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Question : RE - Sapporo Con Venue


Just want to ask if there would be scalpers selling Arashi con tickets at Sapporo.

I'm flying to Hokkaido in November and would like to see the con. However, i haven't secure my tickets 'till now.

If in case, i will not be able to buy it before hand, can i expect any scalpers in the area?

Appreciate your replies/comments.