September 11th, 2010

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Kagerou lyric translation

Hi y'all. Recently I've been obsessing over Kagerou from Arashi's Boku no Miteiru no Fuukei album. It's a great song that is pretty inspirational. Therefore, I decided to translate it (to the best of my ability). I am fairly new to translating so if anyone finds any mistakes or better ways of phrasing things, please feel free to correct me. As always, comments are much appreciated. Thank you and enjoy!!!   

You can find the translations here:

[Music Station 2010.09.10] Arashi - Love rainbow performance [Engsub + kara][HD mp4 1280x768]

raw by me, covert from ts file - jpopsuki

Download in MY LJ

Format                           : MPEG-4
Format profile                   : Base Media
Codec ID                         : isom
File size                        : 168 MiB
Duration                         : 3mn 24s
Overall bit rate                 : 6 908 Kbps
i try my best, and sub this after i have TS file in jpopsuki ^^ hope you love my work ^^ enjoy and comment are always welcomed ^^

TS file

Download in MY LJ

Blue Swirls with Stars~

Shop Photo Scans

I recently bought some shop photos and decided to share them at my friend's urging X3

They're mostly 5x10 shop photos (and a few other ones as well)

There are 21 shop photos with the size ~ 2900x2050 (landscape) and 2050x2950 (portrait)
The size of the file is 46.2MB

Download links and previews of the pictures are in MY LIVEJOURNAL

Comments are definitely love <3

Community for all AiMiya shippers


Just dropping by to share a new community of all AiMiya shippers out there.

We can share everything regarding these two who have the best friend relationship in Arashi, anything such as picspam, fanfiction and also arts.

You guys are welcome to join aimiya_a_day  community and lets spread this love to others too ^^. Hope to see you guys!~ and be friends!! XD
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