September 20th, 2010

Dear Snow, translation + romanji

Hello all~

I did the translation and romanji for Dear Snow here because it was too beautiful a song for me to leave alone for too long >_< I think it's become my favourite Arashi song, haha xD Please let me know if you find an errors or mistakes in the translation/romanji since everything was done by ear...
SHO - Blue

[subbed] Mezamashi TV Jun + Nino and GANTZ CM Trailer

another bunches of Nino's!

Title: Mezamashi TV - Natsuniji Final Ep. Crank up of Matsumoto Jun + Ninomiya Kazunari
Airdate: 2010.09.20


Title: GANTZ CM Trailer

locked post and please get it at refrain_subs  and joining is absolutely easy!
NOTE: my friend aereul-chan is the one who is moderating the joining comm ^__^ so please feel free to drop by a comment before joining.
Natsuniji ep 05

Natsuniji 10 anyone?

Are you in need to watch the last episode of Natsu no koi wa nijiiro ni kagayaku?
Like all the previous week, natsuniji community is providing lots of versions of the raw file and this week, for the final one, the master post is opened for a few... hours?
Days? I don't know, but still if you need it, check it out.
Promotional shows with Jun also alavaible in the community.

(joining the community is free and greatly appreciated btw ^_- )