September 25th, 2010

Arashi magazine batch [Monthly the television, wink up, duet, potato, popolo, hanako]

more for 1 days ^^ hope you love this ^^ view all preview after the cut ^^

[Magazine] Monthly the television(9.27-10.31)[Arashi pages]
15 pages, 2500x3500
[Download here]
[Magazine] Popolo 2010.03Collapse ) Download here
[Magazine] Hanako 2010.09.22 - NinomiyaCollapse ) [Download here
Duet 2010.10 - 17pages, 1000x1300Collapse )download here
Potato 2010.10 21 pages,1000x1300Collapse )download here
Wink UP 2010.10 - 14pages, 1000x1300Collapse )download here
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A new community for Arashi Hetero Fanwork

So, I'm proudly announcing that we've made a new community for fanworks regarding this matter. And its not just only the fiction, it can be anything, graphics, icon, wallies, fanvid, as long as it has Arashixgirls.

So, I'm cordially inviting you to join us! Come and enjoy yourself here!


mukae_ni_ikuyo mukae_ni_ikuyo mukae_ni_ikuyo mukae_ni_ikuyo 

Take a look at our Rules&Profile here ^^