October 1st, 2010


Music Station 2010.10.01

 So fast, seriously! this is the best I've found yet, I'll edit if I find something better...

Music Station Arashi parts, a bit higher quality than youtube ( I think...)

have a look at it at my journal!


As always, no credit to me, links found on tudou.com ( incredible, even before Music Station ended, that's what they call real time, right?)

enjoy and comment!
SHO - Blue

[subbed] Various Arashi misc. clips and Goodies


Title: Ohoku Press Conference on Victory Channel
Airdate: 2010.08.02

look who enjoyed his kiss scene with a boy on Ohoku.

Title: Osama no Brunch - Arashi in Kokuritsu 2010
Airdate: 2010.09.11

look who loves all their fans with all their hearts. (so much)

Title: Tensai Shimua Doubutsuen - Aiba Part w/ Bernese Dogs
Airdate: 2010.05.15

look who is being an obedient. (perhaps this one is late) hehe xD

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