October 8th, 2010

Blue Swirls with Stars~

Shop Photo Scans 02

I'm sharing more of my shop photo scans that I have~!

They're mostly 5x10 shop photos (with some Everything, My Girl, and Monster shop photos)

There are 18 shop photos with the size ~ 2960x2060 (landscape) and 2050x2950 (portrait) [YESH! HQ PHOTOS!]
The size of the file is 36.5MB

Download links and previews of the pictures are in MY LIVEJOURNAL

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Arashi magazine batch [Myojo 06/2010 + Duet/potato/wink up 11/2010 + TV japan 8/2010]

[Magazine] Myojo - 2010.06 - Arashi pages

Download IN MYLJ
26 pages

[Magazine] Potato 2020.11 - Arashi pages
Collapse )
Download IN MY LJ
23 pages, 936 x 1324
[Magazine] wink up 2010.11 - Arashi pages
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Download IN MY LJ
30pages, 936 x 1340

 [Magazine] Duet 2010.11 - Arashi pages
Collapse )
Download IN MY LJ
26pages, 900x1200

 [Magazine] TV Japan [2010.07.18 - 2010.08.20] - Jun part
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Download IN MY LJ

Nino on Pekepon , 2010.10.08

 Finally something a bit longer, and food! The quality is not the best, but while waiting for something better to appear...and for the drama to start...

Here's Nino's appearance on Pekepon today, enjoy and comment, :-D!

Have a look at it here at my journal! 

No credits to me, link found on tudou.com