October 14th, 2010


Nino on Haneru No Tobira and Sakigake 2010.10.13

 Here's Nino on Haneru no Tobira. I wondered which corner was he going to be, and I think everyone was expecting 100yen shop, but instead he was on a corner I've never seen, Shiritashi Mona Lisa, which was pretty interesting,,,

and also a bonus: Nino and Karina's VTR on Sakigake Ongaku Banzuke Special!

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Arashi magazine batch[popeye2010.11+ wink up2010.05+06 + act mini vol7 + popolo 2010.08 +H 2009.12]

[Magazine] popeye 11.2010 - Nino part

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[Magazine] wink up 05.2010 - Arashi pages
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[Magazine] +act mini vol.7 - AIBA part
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[magazine] WINK UP 2009.06 - Arashi pages
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[Magazine] Popolo 2010.08 - Arashi pages
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[Magazine] H 2009.12 - Arashi pages
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VS Arashi 2hrs Special 2010.10.14

 Yaaay! I'd been waiting for weeks for the regular shows to come back, and here's the first one! I know the quality is not great, but while waiting for something better to appear ( i.e. some kind soul to upload it )...

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as always, no credits to me, links found on tudou.com