November 3rd, 2010

Sho, Wish

Arashi Annivesary Present: LIFE Translation

Have you ever heard a song which instantly makes you feel like its talking to you?
Well, recently I accidentally heard "LIFE" (yeah, delayed, I know >.<) and I just KNEW that I had to have it!
After playing it on repeat for days and since I got bored studying, I decided to translate it to share with everyone one of the (many, many) reasons why we love Arashi, their beautiful songs~♥
When else to share this than on their Anniversary? ^^;
(Happy Anniversary Arashi~ and to everyone else, Have a Wonderful Arashi-filled day today ^^;)

Since it's a translation, I don't have any caps.. But to lure you in once again, I'm including a link to this GIF!
(WHY this .gif? Because other than their beautiful lyrics, I wanted to celebrate their Dork side too XD)

♫ The most important thing is reason for our smiles~ ♪ )

♪ taisetsu na mono wa sore zore no egao no riyuu~ ♫ )

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Freeter, ie wo kau, 3rd episode

 Sorry, it wasn't up yet yesterday night, but at least it's pretty good quality! <3 It's actually been uploaded altready ( so fast!) but if you can't or don't want to download it yet or want to wait for subs...I'll share it, let me know what you think about it! and remember, it takes one minute for you to comment, but it can brighten up my whole day! <3 so enjoy and comment, please!

Arashi omedetou for your 11th CD debut anniversary! and even if it's not related, Happy Birthday Ryo chan! <3

Have a look at it here, at my journal!