November 14th, 2010

To Be Free Ohno I see you there...

Shop Photo Scans 06


The shop photos that were scanned this time around are Troublemaker and To Be Free sparkles

There are 16 shop photos with the size ~ 2960x2060 (landscape) and 2050x2950 (portrait) [w00t~!]
The size of the file is 18.08MB

Download links as well as the previews can be found in MY LIVEJOURNAL ENTRY

Scanning credits go to me, corlee1289 <3  Please don't reupload or repost without my permission~!

Comments are always loved by me~! *HUGS* TOTAL! give corlee1289 more * (click on the link to give me hugs~!)
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Arashi - Scans + Hatenai sora Making Photo Gallery

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Hatenai sora Making Photo Gallery
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