November 18th, 2010

Weekly the television 2010.11.20 + Everything [Music station 2009.12.25][Engsub+kara][1280x720]

[Perf] Arashi - Everything [Music station super live 2009.12.25][Engsub + kara][1280x720]
This is ghol's birthday i make.I share her present to you too.
of course this birthday gift, but this beautiful performance too^^ so nice to you to comment and cheer my friend ^^
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[Magazine] Weekly the television 2010.11.20 - 2010.11.26 - Arashi pages
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ohmiya love

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12 pages, 2500x3500

VS Arashi + Himitsu no Arashi chan 2010.11.18

 I've actually already seen a couple of downloads ( fast today, eh, minasan?) but I'll still share the streaming videos, in case anyone prefers them...
the quality si pretty low, but watchable, I'll look for something better tomorrow...

and also, as a bonus, Miyaneya's report on Arashi ni Shiyagare in HQ, in case you hadn't seen it yet...

Have a look at them here, at my journal!