November 22nd, 2010

[PV] Arashi - Ashita no kioku [1280x720][engsub - romaji - kanji karaoke]

raw convert from my dvd
i love this song, old, but ashita no kioku is always no.1 in my favorite song
i dont see anyone sub with 1280x720
hope you love this ^^ this is my present, for myseft, and for you ^^
today, i receive so much a comment send to me, " Happy birthday" from my friends^^ so happy

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thank taijiproject for your trans^^
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Arashi - Music box collection part 14 - aiba masaki^^ + [Magazine] Yaseijidai 2010.12 vol 85 - Nino

Special for my birthday
i think all of us love my girl, right^^ i found my girl music box full ^0^
this is suit with your phone ringstone^^
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1. My girl (not full)
2, My girl (fulll)
3. Friendship (full)
4. Friendship
5. Itsuka no summer
6. Dear snow (ver 2 ) (bonus song)
7. Hello goodbye

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[Magazine] Yaseijidai 2010.12 vol 85 - Nino part

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8 pages, 1469x2116

ohmiba <3
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[Poll] top 2010 singles + top 10 original songs of Boku no miteiru fûkei

Hello there Arashians :)
I've made 2 polls, if you wanna do them...

I first created a poll to rank the singles of 2010.
To do that Poll, it's over here please :)

Second, i for a long time wanted to know the most appreciated songs of their latest album, "Boku no Miteiru Fuukei" and try to rank them and make a Top 10.
To do that Poll, it's over HERE, CLICK :)
(and take your time ;) I know it's not easy, i had to think for a little while to make my mind, it's hard to decide !)

(Hope i did everything right)