November 23rd, 2010

Enomoto Kei~ <3

Arashi - Love Rainbow Making PV [Eng Sub]

Hello every body..
This is my second subbing video..
Hope you enjoy it..

sorry for lack of timing and some mistake..
I'm still amateur about this.. (_ _)

translation credit to wingsonwords

Subbed by me.

Download link
MF | 001 | 002 |

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(Can be download HERE. If you don't have)

Comments and critics are loved. :)


Freeter, ie wo kau, 6th episode

  As always, I only found a LQ video right now, still watchable though. And split, which is probably better because it takes less time to buffer... You can either watch it now or wait for when I find a HQ video tomorrow morning...or do both, like me :-P

Out of topic, Tegoshi and Aiba are going to have a drama! I'll try to share them too, when they air ( if some nice fangirl decides to upload them on tudou...)

for the time being, enjoy and comment this one!

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