November 24th, 2010

Jun Dolphin

Arashi Fan Meet Up - - Nagoya

I am going to be attending the Arashi concert in Nagoya on December 4.  I was wondering if anyone here would like to meet up and hang out before the concert.  Maybe even wait in the goods line together since the line is so long and we can all talk for awhile to get to know each other.  If you are going and interested in meeting other Arashi fans in the area please respond here.  If you have any suggestions, please feel free to leave them in a comment below.  Thank you.
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AST : Ohno's Birthday Project #1 - Aokisanchi no Okusan (2002)

AST : Ohno's Birthday Project #1 - Aokisanchi no Okusan (2002)

Aokisanchi no Okusan is a unique, four-episode performance where much of the actors' lines are improvised.

Let's just say Ohno + Sho + Aiba + Improvisation = DoS overload + Fail extravaganza + Everything we need for an awesome 30th birthday celebration of an awesome riida :D

Go here to download part 1. Posts are usually locked after 7 days.

Alternatively, feel free to join us at ast_team