December 1st, 2010

嵐: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Against the Gantz dubbing? Why don't we say so!


Okay, I don't want to necessarily broach this as a campaign because honestly? It's probably too late, they've probably already started sinking money into the dubbing process and definitely already started advertising this as a dubbed film. However, everywhere I've gone, I've seen a lot of people with the same reaction "Ugh, dubbed? That's awful. I'm not even sure if I want to see it like that." So for the sake of future projects (for example, you can mention that you'd prefer subs for the second installment of Gantz), I think we should say something now!

This film should really build on the fanbase already present in America (and all around the world!). We could be excitedly talking about bringing people to this movie, instead of even weighing if we really want to watch the movie like that ourselves. Why alienate the market you already have trying to appeal to people who might overlook foreign films anyway? Let's tell VIZ Pictures that dubbing is an outdated practice that doesn't work to their advantage in 2011!

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Obviously, also feel free to ignore this post! You may disagree or this one-night dubbed event may not seem important enough to prompt letter writing and that's totally fair. XD However since I plan to turn my annoyance into a letter to VIZ, I thought I'd at least spread the addresses around. Happy Gantz watching, whenever you get a chance to see the film. :)

ETA: TICKETS NOW ON SALE. I haven't seen a list of all 300 theaters pop up yet but if you search for Gantz on and, you can find some theaters (in fact both list different theaters) and buy tickets for it already! I think they are adding more as time goes on. It might help to know if you even can attend these screenings. :)