December 8th, 2010


arashi: photosets

Well I'm not someone who like to own photo sets, but I'm a sucker when it comes to good photographs with a certain member in it ^^"

So here some photo sets that i bought from Johnny's shop when I was there and I spent quite a lot there which turned out make me have to use my cc for another half of my trip ^^"

You can take the pictures and do whatever you want with it, just make sure you didn't misused it and claims it is yours ^^v

PS: Major warning of lots of Aiba under the cut XD since I'm his fan XD


[Magazine] Various scans [ From 1999 to now]

[Old magazine] Myojo 2004.12 - Arashi pages
Like a little monkey^^ suit with him, i think^^

[Download in MY LJ
12 pages, 1200x1600
[Magazine] Kindai 1999.08 - Arashi pages
We can see them from 1999^O^ look different^^
Collapse )

[Download in MY LJ
8 pages, 900x1200
[Magazine] cinema square vol 33 [2010.09] - nino part
Collapse )
[Download in MY LJ
1500x2100, 9 pages, 6mb
[Magazine] Galac 2009.12 - aiba part
Collapse )
[Download in MY LJ
5 pages, 1100x1600
[Magazine] Potato 2010.01 - Arashi pages
I want to receive present from him^^ so beautiful^^ all of our boys

[Download in MY LJ
35 pages, 2400x3000
[Magazine] Cut 2010.01 - Arashi pages
Collapse )
[Download in MY LJ
17pages, 2500x3500