December 18th, 2010

[2009.05.31 Utaban]Arashi - Ashita no kioku [Engsub + karaoke][1280x720]

sorry if i have a bad mood for a long time^^ i will free in saturday and sunday, so i will bring you more subbed by me^^
first, as i promise, ashita no kioku^^
I plan so much, you can see^^ but this hard to do this alone^^ today, when i write streaming post, i feel better^^

I am always like utaban perf, beautiful^^


PS: i found someone upload streaming my sub dear snow in youtube and i dont want...
please help me.
>>>>>>>>>>here is link<<<<<<<

[TV show] HnA 2010.12.16 Sho Proposal [vietsub+ engsub]

Hi minna^^ i watched this show yesterday, and lol, i'm really impressed with the boys' proposal ^O^
they are super romantic (and funny), so i decide to sub them right away^^
Begin with the first proposal - sho's proposal ^^
i will release nino's, ohno's, jun's, aiba's proposal later^^

 My friend, Mitsuki, translated Vietnamese into English, so it is not perfect, sorry.
in MY LJ