January 1st, 2011

Enomoto Kei~ <3

5x10 Tour - Everything & Ashita no Kioku [Kara + Eng Sub]



Sorry for the late Christmas greetings.. =___="
I've been to busy preparing Christmas party at my house.. ^_^

Anyway, I brought to you guys 2 videos subbed kara from 5x10 tour.. :D
And I hope you guys like it. Because I really loved these two songs.. XD

Especially 'Everything' because this song always encouraged me to move forward and keep trying.. ^o^

And 'Ashita no Kioku' always makes my heart warm. And because I really love chibi Arashi! And if I may be honest, the first time I like Ohno Satoshi because this song and since his chibi pictures are very cute! (Especially the bald one..) XD

Okay, without any delay .. Here we go~


By the way~ At last time I have subbed 'A Day in Our Life' PV and Arashi's Christmas Message HERE at Aiba''s birthday and Christmas eve. Please come and see it if you haven't.. ^^

Hope you like it.. :)
and don't forget to comment and critics(if you can..^^) after you take it! XD


Arashi - kohaku - Special Medley [Troublemaker & Monster][Eng Sub]



Hope everyone had fun last night!! ^0^ , today we bring you the special medley performed at Kohaku, probably you already saw this but again we like to share our own version too.

And we also bring you Arashi's medley @ Johnny's countdown!

You can download it here  and hereneon_lines 

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SHO - Blue

[subbed] Tensai! Shimura Doubutsuen - Aiba and the penguins guest: IMALU

Title: Tensai! Shimura Doubutsuen - Aiba and the penguins guest: IMALU
Airdate: 2010.10.16

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