January 12th, 2011

[Shokohmiya] Yonimo Kimyona Monogatari [2010.10.04] Hajime no Ippo (FullHD, HD y MQ) Subs en Español

"These are Spanish subs."

[Shokohmiya] Yonimo Kimyona Monogatari [2010.10.04] Ohno Satoshi - Hajime no Ippo (Full HD 1920x1080, HD 1280x720 y MQ 720x404) [Subs en Español]
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Mod Post: January 13th - 27th

As of tomorrow, two out of three of your mods will be in Japan with limited internet time. As such, there will only be one mod to handle new posts and such.

I will not have much access to my email except at night when I get back to my hotel. If you need to get a hold of a mod, please PM kazenitowani.

Understand that there may be some delays in responding to questions and allowing posts through because of this.

[Magazine] Arashi batch 2011.02 magazine + [Magazine] Sunday mainichi 2010.07.18 - Sho pages

today, i share much much magazine^^
New magazine - have more gantz pages

[Magazine] Flix 2011.02 - Nino pages - 2300x3300, 14 pics

>>>>>>>Download here<<<

[Magazine] Da Vinci 2011.02 - Nino part - 5 pages, 3000x4000
Collapse )
>>>Download in MY LJ<<<<<<<<<<<

[Magazine] Potato 2011.02 - Arashi pages - 6 pages, 4700x6000
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>>>>Download in MY LJ<<<<
[Magazine] Anecan 2011.02 - Aiba pages - 4 pages, 2500x3500
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>>>Download in MY LJ<<<
[Magazine] Sunday mainichi 2010.07.18 - Sho pages
2 pages only but he is super cool^^ sho cover

>>>Download in MY LJ<<<
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