January 14th, 2011

Josh Strickland


I just won the drawing to see GANTZ in LA on the premiere date, and to attend Nino's interview after the movie.  If pictures/video are allowed, I shall take as many as I can, and will post a full report on the event!

Anyone have ideas for a question I can submit to the producers?

[Magazine] Margaret 2011 no.3&4 - Aiba pages+ Hanako 987 - 2011.01.27

[Magazine] Hanako 987 - 2011.01.27 - Arashi pages - 2 pages, 1500x2000

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[Magazine] Margaret 2011 no.3&4 - Aiba pages - 4100x6000, 6 pages

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[Magazine] NHK stera 2010.12.18-12.24 - arashi pages - 7 pages, 5000x7000
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