January 16th, 2011

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Free GANTZ ticket

HI I have two tickets. Does anyone want to go together??  My bf has work this Thursday (probably) so I decided I should take a real true fan to show support for Nino! SO I'm giving away a ticket. You don't have to pay me for it but I would like to keep both souvenirs that came with the purchase of the ticket, that's all, cuz I promised a friend one.  Anyway, leave a message if you are interested in going. It's this Thursday starting at 4:30pm.  I would prefer to go with someone my age...my age is a secret hahah.  Leave a comment/message with your age.

Also I'll be streaming live feeds from Mann's Chinese Theater via my tumblr or facebook so feel free to add me and receive live updates:

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[PV preview] Lotus [1280x720][engsub-kara-kanji]+Arashi First Concert 2000+TV Life 2011.01.08

sorry for delay ^^
Trans by yuminami
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[Magazine] TV Life 2011.01.08 - 2011.01.21 - Arashi pages - 13 pages, 1500x2000

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[Photobook] Arashi First Concert 2000 [ 8 pages/2500x3500]
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Arashi ni Shiyagare 2011.01.15 HQ

 Wow, this one was difficult to find! I only found a cut version before so I thought I should wait a little...and finally something showed up. Higashiyama Senpai! I couldn't stop laughing and giggling..hope nobody heard me or they'll think I'm crazy...

HQ ( tudou standard, of course), enjoy! here, at my journal!
SHO - Blue

[subbed] Sakurai Sho's peek on his Bed and Sakurai Sho Making of PINO CM

celebrating Sho's-month with happiness! lol XD

Title: Sakurai Sho's peek on his Bed
Airdate: 2003.01.18


Title: Sakurai Sho Making of PINO CM

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