January 17th, 2011

[Magazine] Old potato batch - Arashi pages

[Magazine] Potato 2000.05 - Arashi pages - 13 pages, 1600x2000
Arashi in cover but i love this nino pics so much^^

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[Magazine] Potato 2002.02 - Arashi pages - 9 pages, 1200x1500
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[Magazine] Potato 2005.10 - Arashi pages - 15 pages, 1600x2000

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Arashi ☂ 嵐 yeah~

gori_muchuu, an Arashi scans archive

Over the past few months, I've been slowly putting together an index of Arashi scans at gori_muchuu. Set up similar to the subs index at we_make_storm, I've listed the posts where you can find various Arashi scans, including magazines, photobooks, shop photos and almost anything else you can imagine. It's not completely comprehensive, but it's getting close. Come on over and take a look. :D

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