January 29th, 2011

ohno comey
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[Softsub ]ARASHI 10-11 TOUR Scene~Kimi to Boku no Miteiru Fuukei~ (MC)

At first I don't want to sub the MC part.But a lot of fans has asked me whether I'm going to sub the MC or not..And since no one has done the softsub for MC, then I decided to come out with this..

Thanks also to http://yarukizero.livejournal.com/ for the awesome translation.
Without you I cannot finish this project in such a short time..
Thank you..

Get it HERE-http://eyeinn.livejournal.com/1714.html

And also I want to apologize because I have noticed there are some mistakes in the softsubs for disc1 and disc2. I've corrected it. And if you would like to download it once more, the new links are available..I am so sorry..

DISC 1-http://eyeinn.livejournal.com/1197.html
DISC 2-http://eyeinn.livejournal.com/1328.html

Nino Gantz promo on news 2011.01.28

Since today was the day of Gantz release ( I want to be in Japaaan!) yesterday Nino and MatsuKen appeared in about every news morning program with those sweet T-shirts with the other's face printed on. Did you see Nino's new haircut? I love it :-P

I'm sorry for the delay but some of them had been posted already so I thought I could just wait for all of them to appear and then make one comprehensive post (most of them are pretty short anyway...)

plus Nino on Matsumoto Hitoshi's OO Story (again? no, it's a different segment) where he is in a bus with Miyazaki Daisuke.

here, at my journal!