February 5th, 2011

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Arashi Meets Manga!

Arashi was featured as Mangas in a recent newspaper by famous Manga artists!
Sharing the pics with you! Enjoy^^

artists include authors of Hana Yori Dango ( who drew Matsujun) Honey and Clover (who drew Sakurai Sho) and Kaibutsukun (who drew Ohno Satoshi) guess who drew Aiba? haha~

check out my Livejournal for the Individual drawings!
credits to tokyohive and to myLJ
ohba » masatoshi

[Translations] Aiba's Bartender Jweb

I have translated the very first jweb for Aiba's Bartender drama, which he'd like to call the series Aibartender XD, this will the only time I post here about it as I'm posting it over at bartender_drama so if anyone would like to continue reading it please go over to the comm and join.

Volume one (2/4) - Ryu-kun came back from Paris and he lives in....

PS: All jweb entries will have some spoilers about the episodes.

Weekly the television 2008.11.8 + TV guide 2011.01.27 Arashi pages+ Duet 2001.06 - Chibi Arashi page

Weekly the television 2008.11.8- 2008.11.14 - Arashi pages

5 pages, 700x1024
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[Magazine] Duet 2001.06 - Chibi Arashi pages

2400x3000, 300 dpi, 15 pages

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[Magazine] TV guide 2011.01.27 - 2011.02.28 - Arashi pages
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24 pages, 5000x7000