February 19th, 2011

  • wix_ie

Old MS circa 2002

I come to you bearing 5 rare Music Station talks (and one not so rare live). It look me a while to find them. I only persevered because I was looking for one in particular. Where a certain member of Arashi couldn't help but stare at a certain asset of a certain crazy (but I like it, loca loca loca :D) Latina singer.

Click here and ignore me, lol. :)

[PV engsub + romaji + kanji kara] Arashi - Lotus [1280x720]

really, i want release subbed after 23, but i cant keep my love and share this subbed PV with you....
i listen lotus, i think more than 100 times before subbed this PV^^ i love this song^^
subbed this with all my love^^ i wont think i can love a guy than love our boy. Arashi with me, they are all my world^^ the best gift i made, i think^^

Download in MY LJ [1280x720 ver]
comments = love^^