February 26th, 2011



This week was a very good week for Arashi's fans at Brazil.

This week for two times we had Arashi on Brazilian Television!!!

The first time was about 'Lotus' and the release of the single.

You can see at this site:
(at 1:48)

And yesterday in this same TV show did a special about Jmusic and AGAIN we had Arashi

http://www.redetv.com.br/Video.aspx?32,13,173166,Jornalismo,Leitura-Dinamica-2a-Ed,Saiba-por-que-a-musica-pop-japonesa-conquistou-o-mundo (at 1:40)

And everybody at Brazil talked about in Twitter. We had 5 Trending topics about the tv show.. and Arashi was one of the Trending Topics in Brazil!!!

For us is really a big thing!!!!

Arashi is international!!!!!

For people that speak in portuguese we have a forum~
Please join us http://arachikut.ning.com/