April 2nd, 2011

[Perf] Arashi - Lotus+Happiness+Kansha Kangeki Ame Arashi(Msta - 2011.04.01)(TS raw/engsub + kara)

I share TS 1080x1440 raw and english subbed ver^^

English subbed + Karaoke ver
190mb, avi, 1280x720
raw by terahata, convert by me
Download in MY LJ

TS raw file -
Download here in MY LJ
[Magazine] Only Star 2011.03.31 - Arashi pages

[Download in MY LJ
love sho preview here^^
comments = love^^

Bartender 8th episode HQ streaming full

 Here it is. the last one. it makes me a little sad...There was no Arashi ni Shiyagare today, because of another program's special. And since I've been asked, there was no VS Arashi this thursday, either. There is going to be a VS Arashi Special next thursday, on the 7th. I don't know if Himitsu no Arashi chan is going to air as well. if it does, I'll post it, if it doesn't, I'll tell you.
No news about Music Station, I'll post the whole episode if and when it gets uploaded on tudou.

in the meantime, here it is, Bartender, the last episode ( and very HQ, considering it's tudou! :-P).