May 6th, 2011

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365days of NINO

And so I have decided to make this community, a 365 days project for Bratty-Nino. Yeah making this pledge to give every single day of a year to post something related to Ninomiya Kazunari. Guilty as may, I'm hoping for other Nino-fans out there to join this community and be totally be for him for about a year [who knows maybe longer, if someone would help me contribute in the comm]. And so day 1 begins.

JOIN HERE @ [info]kiroii_niji 

VS Arashi + Himitsu no Arashi chan 2011.04.05 + Kikimimi news

Here you have this week's VS Arashi ( I love it when it's people they know well, because they always let out little details about them :-P), Himitsu no Arashi chan ( Yama!) and a bit of info about Arashi, or more like their quotes (nothing new girls, sorry), on Kikimimi (accidentally found during my research :-P)

Have a look at them here, at my journal!