May 27th, 2011

take me
  • kn_mod


As all of you know we are almost near to celebrate Nino's Birthday. With that [info]kiroii_niji, a community dedicated for a 365 days of KAZU posts, is inviting all you lovely ladies to participate in the 10xKazu project. You will have to state 10 reasons why you love/like/adore Ninomiya Kazunari here. All stated reasons will then be published on Kazu's birthday month. But do specify if you don't want your name to be mentioned on the post, I will respect your decision - I'll leave the credit anonymous. So as not to be evasive of your private and inner desire for Nino, all comments are screened. I hope many fans of Nino would participate in this project.

+ Open community
+ State your 10xKazu reasons here