July 4th, 2011


Android AU Vol. 2

Android au has lifted the ban already for the Volume 2 cm, today July 4. You now go watch the streaming, I provided the direct link here

android-au.jp/whats/#68 (jun)
android-au.jp/whats/#69 (jun)
android-au.jp/whats/#71 (ohno+nino)
android-au.jp/whats/#76 (jun+aiba)
android-au.jp/whats/#77 (sho)
android-au.jp/whats/#78 (jun+aiba)  hilarious.
android-au.jp/whats/#80 (sho)
android-au.jp/whats/#87 (ohno+aiba)
android-au.jp/whats/#89 (sho)

Finally we can watch SHO's cm solo. On the side, Aiba and Jun's is a must watch, Ohno has a dance move, Aiba has....well you have to watch to find out.
matsuda shota

Austrian + German Arashians!?! :)

 Hey guys! As there seems to be a whole wave of new Arashi sites for people living in different countries, I decided to make an Arashi site for people speaking German :)

It's mostly for meeting new people with the same interests, making friends and talking about the boys. 

Also, wenn hier jemand Deutsch spricht und Lust hat, andere deutschsprachige Arashi Fans kennen zu lernen, schaut doch einfach vorbei und tretet bei ^^

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Hoffentlich "sehen" wir uns bald,
Tüdelü :)