July 16th, 2011

Happiness お帰り 女主人様

VSA Golden Episode 065 [2011.05.26] (subbed)

OMFG! WHAT'S THIS?! CORRINE SUBBED SOMETHING?! *insert big shocked expression here*

Yes... Yes, I did... I subbed the VSA episode with Haruna Ai due to its cracktisity of craziness. exclamation1

And guess which one it was?! THIS ONE!! *points at the picture*

Come and dance Shoujo Jidai with me in MY LIVEJOURNAL ENTRY~!

RAW credit: last_of_days 
Translation credit: yarukizero  (with some corrections)

Please do NOT online stream, repost, reupload, or sell~!

I worked really hard and long for this and I would be devastated if these simple requirements were broken heartbreak

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