July 31st, 2011

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VSA Episode 059 [2009.06.06] (subbed)

Whoo~! Lookie look! ANOTHER fansubbed release that's been completed!!

This time it's the unsubbed episode with Black Mayonnaise as the guest from their older VSA episodes!

This was an awesome episode in it's own right! So please do enjoy it!! sparkles

NOTE: I'll be finding assistance from someone with the layout soon. So please bear with it for now ^^;;
Also, the VSA episode with Haruna Ai [2011.05.26] that was on my personal LJ has now been deleted and has been transferred over to my new community arashinorakuen 

Download links are available in Arashi no Rakuen~ So come visit come and visit PARADISE!

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RAW credit: http://arashixdream.com/
Translation credit: boxxed
Spotters: arisa_draconis  & corlee1289  

Please do NOT online stream, repost, reupload, or sell~!

I worked really hard and long for this and I would be devastated if these simple requirements were broken heartbreak

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