August 8th, 2011

Arashi: Popcorn

Mod Post

I've noticed a lot of instances of one of our rules being broken lately, particularly by subbers and scanners. We very much appreciate that you take the time to share and contribute to the fandom, but please take the time to read our rules before you post.

☆Images that are wider than 320px or 300px tall, must be placed behind an LJ-cut as well. If you do not use an LJ-cut even upon others' requests, the post will be deleted.

This is an important rule! It exists because large preview images can take a long time to load for people with slow connections, and large images break custom layouts. Please be respectful of your fellow LJ community members and of our rules.

Thank you everyone.
Smile in the Beautiful World
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Italian Translations

Weekly news from a translation community

Dato che mi capita a volte di tradurre anche 3 canzoni in un giorno e non voglio spammare in giro, ho deciso che se ci sono nuove traduzioni avviserò ogni lunedì (chi è membro vedrà invece le traduzioni appena vengono pubblicate).
Nuove traduzioni di kotobanomukoue

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