August 14th, 2011

Blue Swirls with Stars~

VSA Episode 140 [2011.06.09] (subbed)

*cackles happily* FINISHED!! *slumps to the ground wearily* sleepy

This episode is probably the worse one of VSA that I've ever seen up to date because of those comedians that made it hell to fansub... All those impressions, captions, and overlapping talk made it brutal for my hand to time and typeset anger

Download and then finish watching the episode... You'll know what I mean when I say this episode was BRUTAL to do...

But, I now know that I should be able to conquer anything that comes my way from now on arrowup

I'll consider this as Jun's official birthday release since I don't know if I'll be able to release another VSA episode in time for his cake day which is at the end of the month cake

So without further ado...

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RAW credit: korang from last_of_days  
Translation credit: twosen  
Everything else: corlee1289 

Please do NOT online stream, repost, reupload, or sell~!

I worked really hard and long for this and I would be devastated if these simple requirements were broken heartbreak

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