September 16th, 2011

Vote for ARASHI!!!

Hey guys.

There is a voting session going on on Facebook.I don't know whether have anyone mentioned it before,but if no then the info is here.
This is voting for for Asia's Most Beautiful Faces - Male. All Arashi members are nominted plus few other Johnnys as well. More korean in the list too.The number of votes is counted daily and everyday the bottom 5 will be kicked out.
For now Jun is in the top 2! He has a close fight with Korea Kyuhun.Their
votes are very close and they takes turn to take the lead.

So guys,lets vote for Jun and let us show the Arashi power!!!!

To vote,first you have to like this page
Then to vote you just have to like the photo here

You defnitely can vote more than once and as many as you like!
But since Jun is leading lets us emphasize on voting him!!!
Gambatte ne!

This voting will end 30th Sept.
Let us spread around and show them ARASHI!!!!!