November 25th, 2011

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Shop Photo Scans 28


These shop photo scans do not belong to me but to my friend kaitousessha lightbulb

I successfully bothered her enough to scan them for me so that I can post them for all of us to enjoy ^_^;;

Shop photos consists of Arashi's debut, their trip to New York, Ohno's solo concert 3104, and some TIME photos sparkles

This shop photo scans release concludes my month long release of posting scanalations every week as I had promised to when I started at the beginning of the month hearts

There are 35 shop photos with the size ~ 5850x4100 (landscape) and 4050x5850 (portrait)
The size of the file is 60.3MB

Previews and download links can be found located in my LIVEJOURNAL COMMUNITY~!
Post will be locked in three days time.

Scanning credits go to my friend, kaitousessha <3  Please don't reupload or repost without her permission~!

However, you're free to make graphics (icons and banners) just make sure you stick a credit saying that they were scanned by her somewhere in your entry <3

Comments are always loved by us~!

Incidentally, Christmas is around the corner and I'm doing the Christmas card exchange this year~! It was awesomely successful last year and I'd like to do it again this year. Does anyone want me to send them a Christmas card this year? You don't have to be my LJ friend to get one, all I ask is that you send one to me as well loveletter

Those who were not part of it last year, you can now request to exchange cards with me. If you are interested, please CHECK OUT THIS POST!! pencil
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