January 6th, 2012


Translation [2011.12.30] FM Fukushima - Sho & Ohno

Radio station: FM Fukushima
Participants: Sho & Ohno
MC: Ohno
Summary: What did Ohno do at the Kaibutsu-kun stage greeting party? Even If they had recieved the flag at Kouhaku, Ohno didn't want to be the one to hold it this time! What did Aiba give Arashi as souvenirs after his trip to Taiwan and Hong Kong? Find out about an elementary students special thoughts about Ohno.. And watch out for the tiring content when Ohno tries to explain why he couldn't do a nice backflip in the 'Lucky man' music video!

 The translation can be found over here at my LJ:  "Machujun".

Translation [2011.12.31] FM Iwate - Sho & Ohno

I'm here with another radio translation, the most recent from Iwate..

Date: 2011.12.31
Radio station: FM Iwate
Participants: Sho & Ohno
MC: Sho
Summary: Ohno stumbles on his words at the most important part. Who was the most nervous at last years Kouhaku? Sho has found out a new way to have fun when driving a car! And find out about Yama's true thoughts on nipple-open T-shirt and wearing stocking over the head!

Can be found over here at my LJ : "Mou YUNKAI nante shinai!!"