January 11th, 2012

(subbed) Lucky 7- trailer

We Arashiangelsubs are planning to sub Matsumoto's new drama Lucky 7
The subs will done with the help and encouragement of everyone from this Community
As this is the first big Project of this Community, let's wish everything goes right^^

To get you all exited I have subbed the long trailer of the drama
Everyone getting excited?

Download it HERE @[info]arashiangelsubs

This is a locked community but it’s really easy to join.
Please come HERE to join ^^

!help Lucky Seven Drama

I'm planning to sub JUN's latest drama, but I need someone to help me to do the following job. 
I need someone to provide Raw for the drama (with good quality but won't eat too much space)
Someone who has time to help with the timing (not necessarily perfect, I'll do the editing so you don't have to worry about making mistake with it)
If you could help with the translation form time to time, it would be great too. Others could offer help that is not mentioned above. I need the help as much as possible to release the subs fast and accurate.

Please PM me if you are interested. Or leave a message here