November 28th, 2016

  • dwf17

SPREADING ARASHI!!! Getting Truth into the Top 2000

Hey everyone! We need your help!

The Top 2000 is a yearly radio event in the Netherlands, where everyone can vote for their favourite songs. They then broadcast all 2000 of them in a countdown to the New Year. Nearly half of the country listens to this, and even though Holland is small, that is still a lot of people! In this Arashian-scarce country, we'd like to vote Truth into the Top 2000 in the hopes that people will get curious and maybe a few more fans will be born :D

Last year song number 2000 had less than 400 votes. Even if we manage to get enough votes, it probably won't end up very high, but that's actually a good thing. More people listen to the kick off than say, to song number 1900-1700. It's really important that everyone votes for the same song of course! So definitely include Truth in your list!

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Please share this if you can. Let's show the power of international Arashi fans YAY!