March 1st, 2017


[trans] VS Arashi 2017.02.23 + backlog


2017.02.23 [Opening] [Cliff Climb]
2017.02.16 [Opening] [Cliff Climb][Kicking Sniper Ohno]
All f-locked in one week

2016.12.15 [Bank Bowling Ohno/Kinoshita]
2016.07.28 [Balloon Shooting Ment] [Cliff Climb Ment] [Every Little Thing on Arashi]
f-locked, please join nyoop for access

I'll probably post a list of the translations once a week as vs arashi airs.
Right now I'm working backwards and translating any interesting bits I find from past episodes.
Shiyagare may or may not be added to my translating schedule but idk yet.

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