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[Jweb] Music Station Recording Report

Wondering what Yama were laughing about during the Troublemaker perf? What were they doing in the dressing room and what happened at the rehearsals before the recording? How did YAMA-pair’s handshake part come about? By request of さんの絵文字shokim, I searched around and found a Japanese blog so here are some inside stories from the latest Music Station. Apparently this was from Jweb. Rough translation (it’s a little bit long):

Before the recording started, the voice of Sakurai was heard from the dressing room “let’s do it from the start”, and Arashi started to play the practicing-purpose VTR on a laptop to revise their choreography. When Matsumoto said “Wouldn’t it be better if we’re tighter together at the beginning?”, Ohno who was on stand-by in the middle waved to the rest to get them closer. After the 5 of them changed their position to be closer, they started dancing with faces showing that they are in full concentration. After repeating a few times, the laptop suddenly froze somewhere near the end of the song. “Oh my, it stopped…” (Aiba), “You mean it’s passed the time limit?” (Sakurai), “That thing’s pretty severe~” (Ninomiya), while the members made witty remarks regarding the laptop, they got groovy with their choreography together.

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