April 9th, 2021


[2020.08.13] VS Arashi-Yowamushi Pedal Team

Hello, Arashians!

This is my first time uploading something here. I have subbed another VS Arashi episode where Yowamushi Pedal Team is the guest. I tried my best subbing this since I'm still new to subbing a variety show. There might be some misses and even mistakes. If you find any correction or if there are any suggestions please do convey me. Enjoy :D

Raw:- arashigoodies
Translations, Encoding & Typesetting:- kento_fan1412
And a small help from priti_arashian
Pre-timing:- yamagumi23
Arashi Team vs Yowamushi Team:- Drive Mega

Please do convey if you're having any problem with the link!